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Summer Update: Tanzania

Helping in the kitchen

We travelled to Tanzania in the summer to meet the kids in Bethany Primary School. We helped in the kitchen, we served food, talked to the teachers and the kids, and played with the kids. It was such a blessing to us.

Playing with the kids was so much fun. We learned so much cooking in the kitchen.

The kids had a lot of questions and wanted to get to know us.

We got to meet Beyoncé and she loved the gifts we took for her. Her favorite was the doll.

We also got to meet her mom and visit their home. Knowing who you are helping and getting to meet them is such a wonderful feeling. This is why we are doing this - to help kids like Beyoncé.

Beyonce : Organization sponsors her education.

Thank you so much if you supported us by buying gifts to take to our trip. Everyone was so appreciative. Thank you always for your support!

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